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Our mtcphone system leverages VoIP to provide enterprise telecommunication at a fraction of cost

Business Phone Solutions


Combining the functionality of the Internet and a conventional phone into one single service with minimal software and hardware support, enables your company to enjoy all the advantages of a large company PBX system and more, for fraction of the cost.

On an average to replace a legacy phone system the costs are between $3000 to $5000 and you still pay for phone lines.

This system utilizes your computer network, reduces the number of phone lines and uses the internet to route calls.

Features – Automated Attendant, Pickup Groups, Call Transfers, Caller ID, Voicemail System, Voicemail to E-mail, Unlimited Call Minutes, Unlimited Extensions, Paging & Intercom.

We can deploy a small business phone system with almost same day service. What is more, you may port (transfer) your existing phone lines to the system. Utilizing Yealink handsets and telecom products for robust features at competitive costs, an mtcphone system can usually save you many $ in monthly telcom expenses with more features.

MyTechCoach’s mtcphone system leverages VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol to provide enterprise telecommunication at a fraction of cost of legacy business phone systems with more features, including:

  • Higher efficiency and lower cost for communications;
  • Voicemails get sent to your E-mail so when you are out of the office you can still be in touch;
  • No large-scale infrastructure is required.
  • Have dedicated phone numbers for each extension as an option.


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