Lucid Data Protection

Secure Your Business & Home Computers

Protect your home computers from phishing attacks

What is Lucid?

Protect Your Business and Home Computers from Hackers and Email Phishing Attacks

Lucid enables enterprise-level cybersecurity providing privacy and security for any computer, anywhere.

Lucid provides a secure, risk-managed, network that operates with any host network, (your existing home and business Wi-Fi network). Simply connect your Lucid router into your current internet modem via an Ethernet cable or with WiFi, and your private, secure network is up and running in minutes.

Our patented system creates a secure network from anywhere: from your home to your office. Even from your local coffee shop, to your hotel room anywhere you travel.

Now You Can Easily Secure Your Business Computers, Including Your Remote Workers

Lucid is more secure than a VPN

Lucid replaces VPNs of old, enables a Zero Trust security model, and creates an isolated network for you or your business, regardless of network location. Lucid uses biometric authentication for secure and seamless access into your private network from almost anywhere.


Securing Your Personal Computer(s) is Easy and Affordably

  • Enterprise-grade protection is now portable and can be utilized on any host network, protecting sensitive data in any office, any home, anywhere.
  • Take your mobile secure network to any place where you may need to access the internet: airport lobbies, coffee shops, satellite offices, etc.
Protect Your Business Computers from Hackers

Lucid Protects Your Digital Information

With Lucid’s Zero Trust Model & biometric authentication, you can say goodbye to passwords

Nowadays, people mindlessly sign their emails and phone numbers up for almost everything. Sometimes it’s for reward points at your favorite local restaurant or signing up for a mail list, but cyber-hackers are able to mask themselves as these notifications, coaxing you into clicking their links. That’s all that it takes for them to collect your private data such as your usernames, passwords, card details, and the list goes on. 

Enabling a zero-trust model using Lucid prevents unwanted and potentially compromised devices from your most sensitive data. Lucid’s use of biometrics through your own device’s software eliminates this threat, giving you authority to control who is on your network, when they are on your network, even when you are away from your LucidRemote.

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