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Hello, I am Greg, and pleased to meet you. I have been in technology for over 20 years, and in that time have worked with many different devices, apps, people and technologies. From helping people in their homes on PCs to full enterprise roll outs and supporting thousands of people with myriad challenges. I have met it all. I live here in Concord, NH and originally from the UK, so I may use strange slang (much more interesting than geek speek), and I have a sense of humour–a must when you are working with technology challenges, right:-)

So, that’s the basics but I have also included a bit about what others have to say about me and my services. I look forward to meeting you and making technology work for you!

Why work with me and mytechcoach?

In addition to understanding tech and getting your project implemented or IT challenge solved, I love working with people. I am not a back room geek, and I will do the best to understand what you need and make you comfortable.

I have over 20 years of experience and a masters degree in IT Business Management. Yes, I have certs too. I am Apple and Microsoft MCP certified. More to the point, I have been put through the test from eccentric people in the sticks of Vermont to small business owners with funky old PCs to large college campuses such as Dartmouth where I worked in IT for over five years.


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